No less than 60.000 music and dance fans gravitated to Antwerp for the 14th edition of the Laundry Day DJ festival. An ideal occasion for us to prove our skills as towers builders.

We built the 22 m (!) high tower for the Studio Brussel radio station. Next to this one we erected two smaller PA towers each 11 m high. The WoopWoop stage asked for a 10 m high video tower. We delivered. And last but certainly not least, we made main stage look like downtown Manhattan. 2 PA towers (13 m) each carrying 1800 kg sound material, 2 PA towers (12 m) to which 1600 kg of stuff was attached and 2 delay towers (9 m) raised high up in the sky. Purpose of this all: to make sure that each and every one on the festival grounds (and far beyond) heard everything that was being said and played loud and clear. Mission accomplished.

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