French superstar and legendary pop entertainer Johnny Hallyday is back on the road … with another spectacular stage presentation … for which he is renowned!

As on previous tours, WI have taken care of Johnny’s epic entrance … A lot of smoke, lights and … a huge human skull descends from the ceiling. Slowly the skull moves to the ground to the thundering sound of the show intro.

Once landed, the skull opens, and Hallyday walks out just as if he was in there all the time. But… The skull is open at the bottom and he rises up onto the stage via an elevator positioned exactly underneath the skull … so it’s all an illusion!

To make this happen, we installed two 18m WI-Tracks running from the back to the front of the stage, with four 500kg moving chain hoists lifting the skull into position.

The skull is not the only moving part of the set! Six 24m WI track lines ensure multiple video screens can be moved where necessary. Underneath these tracks, our motion hoists vertically position the screens.

Additionally, 10 chain hoists are used to move 15 lighting pods completing the WI set up for this tour.

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