2012 the year Johnny Hallyday will never be alone. For his "Jamais Seul" tour he needed, like other years, a stage that's not like any other. A lot of moving elements, a lot of video and a lot of fire!

When it has to move it's a job for us! There are three main elements that have to move, The large video wall in the back, 2 gigantic fists... and a mine that is used to bring JH on stage.

To move the video wall we installed two 10,5m tracks with a little space in between. This space was needed to hang the track for the "mine". Each track needs to hold 3 or 4 video screens which can all move separately from each other.

A second track couple are those for the fists. These are two 18,5m tracks with a curve to move the fists to the side of the stage. We installed the tracks and all supporting trusses to hang everything in place.

And last but not least... the track for Johnny Hallyday's "mine". This is a 37,5m track which consists of straight and curved beams to move the mine over stage in all directions. Some ZERO-Speed chain hoists take care of the up and down movement.

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