​Tropicana, the new show from Holiday on Ice, premiered on 4 November 2009.

The centrepiece of the show is a video wall measuring 10,2 m high, 22 m wide and weighing 3,5 tons that is hanging from a free-standing ground support that was also supplied by WIcreations. At the end of the show a section of the video wall emerges from the wall as a kind of moving portal and starts to turn around on the ice on by itself. Hugely impressive.

WIcreations was responsibility for the strength and stability calculations, the technical design and the entire fabrication. An additional challenge in the design and construction was that the wall had to be able to be assembled and dismantled quickly. Holiday on Ice plans 75 shows and mostly stays in each location for just a week. The whole thing is then packed in dollies.

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