​This year’s Christmas show is all about Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen”. For this amazing show we constructed some quite impressive elements.

First of all a large back bridge of 24 meters wide and more than 8 meters high that acts as a portal from which the ice skaters set foot on the ice. We also constructed another bridge (yes, we are bridge builders in all senses of the word), this one almost 9 meters wide and over 4 meters high, that moves across the ice. A third element was a large aluminum mirror ball with a diameter of 3 meters that can be illuminated from the inside with some stroboscope lightning. To move this mirror ball and some other elements, Holiday on Ice uses our proven WI-track. In all, five tracks from ± 32 meters are installed to bring all the stage elements in the correct position during the show. And as a snow queen cannot do without a throne, we also built a very special and very royal one. The throne is pushed along the ice by the skaters. The throne and the back bridge were equipped with some light fixtures and battery’s to give the show that extra wow effect.

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