German singer-songwriter Herbert Grönemeyer is touring Germany and a few other European countries during 2015 and 2016 – the latest episode in a long and successful performing career dating back to 1984, since when his popularity, particularly in Germany, just keeps on growing!

Video around the corner...

With 28 shows in 2015, almost all sold out and 8 more scheduled in 2016 this isn’t a small tour.
Following the stage architect’s design impressions we created 6 large video pods which also each contain 16 Robe Pointe moving lights. All of the R&D and fabrication was completed in an extremely short period of only 4 weeks. The LED video continues around the corners of the pods, making them extraordinary in terms of touring video items! Because of the limited space, the cornered video panels have remotely mounted controllers installed inside the main pod construction.

Each completed frame (450cm x 450cm x 66cm) has a total weight of 1200kg and is moved using 4 motion controlled chain hoists. The hoist pick points were cleverly positioned in the main frames to allow virtually any possible show positon for the pods.

It speaks for itself that the pods were designed to be easy tourable, keeping load in and out times to the absolute minimum. Each of the screens splits in half and each part has its own dedicated touring dolly. The total weight of a loaded dolly comes in at around 800kg, which is perfectly manageable using a standard forklift … or even by man power!!

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