​Number two DJ’s in the World Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are bringing the World the Madness! And we helped them with that!

We built a huge Ø6m disco ball accompanied by four 15m lightning bolts. Everything packed with video, lights and pyro! The highlight of every madness evening is without a doubt the moment that the disco ball starts moving over the audience and turns into a balloon, the two DJ’s flew over the crowd wich went completely crazy! 54 meters of WI-track brings the brothers to the middle of the Antwerp Sports Paleis. Any movement of the lightning bolts, the disco ball, and the “balloon basket” is controlled by our operators from one desk!

The entire set is designed to go on tour. Lightweight aluminum elements make sure every venue can take the weight of the set. Smart dollies divide the four lightning bolts and the disco ball into smaller parts to have it all fitted into standard shipping containers. After Antwerp, they’re ready to go to the other side of the world… Mexico!

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