​Clouseau in’t lang is the name of the concert given by the Flemish pop group Clouseau in 2005 at the Antwerp Sportpaleis. The name was inspired by the 7 meter wide and 44 meter long catwalk in the middle of the concert-hall on which the band played. This unusual setup made it possible for the entire hall to see the band in more or less the similar way. In December 2005, Clouseau performed 13 times in the Sportpaleis, each time filling up the 17.600 seats.

Underneath the (video) floor of the Sportpaleis, we installed 4 chain loops: two on the main stage and one on each catwalk for the small dollies. Koen and Kris used the dollies as some kind of skateboard to go from one end of the stage to the other.

For the second half of the show we designed 2 custom-made bridges. These bridges measured about 12 meter each and came out of the roof. They dropped into the pockets of the dollies, which were perfectly positioned with our motion control system. For nearly all songs we moved the bridges over the audience from one position to the other.

All dollies were driven by a 7,5KW servomotor and velocity drive which generated a maximum speed of 2m/s over the 44m run. All drives were controlled by our Kinesys software which made sure all positioning and parallel movements took place.

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