​Clouseau is a Flemish pop group which started in the mid 80’s. They have had several hits in Belgium and the Netherlands. They come from the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, Flanders and most of their songs are in Dutch, although they did have a brief English period. From December 1 till December 29 2006, both brothers, Koen and Kris Wouters, were performing for the 7th consecutive year in the Antwerp Sportpaleis with their concerts “Clouseau in’t Dubbel”. The 12 shows attracted 200.000 spectators.

“In’t Dubbel” means 2 stages. The A stage was placed on one side of the arena and the B stage on the opposite side. This meant that a lot of the space where the audience normally stands was already used. So, it was very important that one could have a perfectly clear view from all corners at all times.

Therefore, we designed 3 customs elevators of 8.2m x 2.4m with a capacity of 3.4T. The elevators were run by 4 motion controlled CM hoists which allowed us to position the band perfectly in an upper and lower position. The lower position started from 40cm off the ground and rose to 2.5m at stage level.

Video and moving trusses were also a big part of the show. Luc Peumans designed special configurations of the 6 moving trusses (on both stages) to get all his video images. The trusses needed to travel up and down and from the front to the back in order to get all the positions. We built 8 motorized trolley beams driven by servomotors to allow speeds of nearly 0m/s. The trusses hung at about 10m below the trolleys on a variable hoist to make sure they could go up and down. We placed the trusses in each position in smooth moves because we could run the trolleys at nearly 0m/s with a very smooth acceleration and deceleration. All this was controlled from a Kinesys board.

You can rent these elevators and trolley beams. For more product info, please go and take a look at our product page.

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