Calogéro, one of France’s best known artists likes to play with moving video screens and uses them in any possible way. Like a huge wing, to duplicate the band members or just as giant lighting objects to brighten up the stage. They might even use them as a normal static video screen!

We designed Six Rectangular video screens of each 2,5 x 1,8m and weighing each 214kg.

This was the easy part, now they all had to move. So we designed for each screen one motor box, each containing four chain hoists and on top we attached our TP03 rotator. This way every corner of each screen could be lifted separately. The combination with the rotator gives the screens a limitless amount of positions to move to.

But… if you hang this set-up on a Wi-Track, even more possibilities become possible! Of course, the WI-track was integrated in our stack truss for easy and fast touring.
The central Ø5,4m custom video screen which is also movable, is specially designed for touring purposes. The entire screen fits inside two dollies. With special connections, all load times are reduced to the absolute minimum. This gives great advantages for large world tours.

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