​The “Have A Nice Day” Tour was a worldwide concert tour that took place between November 2005 and July 2006, and which started two months after the release of their ninth studio album ‘Have A Nice Day’. In total the tour included 4 legs and 89 shows.

A brand-new outdoor set designed by “Spike” from Artfag needed to be ready in 2 months time. We were in charge of the technical design and coordination together with Artfag to make sure everything was ready in time.

Spike designed a new low density LED panel (Mesh panel) to give this wall more impact to the lights. This screen had to be positioned in such a way it would create the shape of a big city with high buildings. So this screen curved in different directions, stopped at different heights and still needed to look as one big screen. Most of the lifting points were hidden behind the panels.

Two simple curved lines of lights were positioned in the front and the back and hidden with the customary aluminum front header. The stage looked like a massive structure but it actually easily fitted on 11 stage trailers.

The front of the BBQ deck level was finished with a custom-made mirror wall which we took care of.

Furthermore, we designed the band roof and two rotating bridges to get John Bon Jovi to the catwalk

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