​Alejandro Fernandez is a Mexican singer, He originally specialized in traditional, earthy forms of Mexican folk music, such as mariachi and ranchera. He has branched out with great success to pop music. 2013, the year he is finally touring again to promote his latest album “Confidencias”.

The production drew some nice ideas on paper. So we had to realize them, and with success!

First of all, we designed six large “venetian blinds”, these are combinations of 5 large light pods above each other which can move vertically from each other. Each pod contains three moving heads.

The combination of all six “blinds” creates a magnificent light effect!

Another item we realized are the large curtain trusses, these are large trusses which are used to pull-up some curtains. There are two different curtains, one in the back with small holes and one in the front with bigger holes, these curtains were used as a large projection screen during the show.

To move all these venetian blinds and curtain trusses, we installed some of our WI-tracks underneath our latest stacking trusses. Four times 24m, so a total of 96m is hanging above the stage every show!

On each side of the stage, a large screen is hung underneath some other tracks. These videos have to turn during the show, so the only solution is a rotator or two to get the job done.

We developed a dolly with a part of the track, the rotator and all the equipment to control all the movement inside! This saves a lot off time during load-in and load-out!

Another small thing we did are the spot ladders, a total of 10 ladders are hanging at both sides of the stage, so five on each side.

To make sure everything is going as it’s supposed to go, we send one of our operators to Mexico to give the local crew a five week during training! Once they know how everything works, there off for a great tour!

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