With a covered area of a little over 1500m², the Shelter can cover ±4000 people (3p/m²). This is the large set up.

The canvas is divided in 6 parts, so it’s possible to set up a shorter version if space is a problem.

The Shelter is designed to hang in a specially designed ground support, but there are also possibilities to hang the canvas between permanent structures like stadiums, buildings,...

To hold the structure on the ground, the canvas is drilled into the ground with 6 anchors. If there is no possibility to drill, we use our concrete counterweights to hold everything in place.

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Technical information

Due to the redesigned shape of the membrane, we reduced to necessary space

you need to set up the entire structure:

Large version: Necessary free space: 36,5m x 55,5m (Concrete blocks NOT included)

Small version: Necessary free space: 38,5m x 50,0m (Anchors included)

Please provide us with some information about who you are, we'll send you this file via mail.