The TP08-0750 & TP08-1034 rotator is a heavy duty rotational machinery, which can rotate large objects for indoor and outdoor events, around a vertical axis.

The rotator is designed and developed according requirements in standards such as DIN 13814, DIN 56950 and EN1993;2004

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Technical information

Rotator TP8-0750

Own weight: 960 kg

Max speed: max. 6,7rpm

Max. added weight*

Max. axiale last: 13 T

Maximaal Tilting moment: 24250 kgm

Rotator TP8-1034

Own weight: 1620 kg

Max speed: max. 6,2rpm

Max. added weight*

Max. axiale last: 19,5 T

Maximaal Tilting moment: 46500 kgm

* See load chart.