This elevator is perfect to lift heavy objects on stage , or just some people. It’s designed to mount the entire elevator in one piece in the set.

Compact design

Controllable with mm precision

Reliable Minimal Maintenance


Easy to install

- Integrated automation & control system

- Simple operation with a handheld remote or a control panel

- Ability to preset and recall any configuration

- Minimal handling required

- Quiet oparation that won’t hinder activities in adjacent rooms

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Technical information

Own weight: 2350kg

MAX Load: 150 kg/m²

Total platform load (3m x 3m): 1.350 kg

MAX Speed: 12,2 m/min (0,2 m/s)

MAX Lifting Height: 3,8 m

Total elevator height: 5m

Built-in Height: 1,2m.