Why do you want to use a TP03-0500 Elevator? Some strong arguments:

  • All kinds of custom elevator shapes are possible due to this modular system!
  • Fast assembly / disassembly
  • Adjustable height in steps according to Litec QX30 trussing
  • Elevator height = travel distance
  • Capacity guaranteed on every position
  • Mounting compatible with standard scaffolding (e.g. layher)
  • Soft movements

To lift people, the platform between the legs has to be conform to all safety standards!
The hoists used to operate the elevator are all BGV-C1 certified.

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Technical information



Measurements with chain hoist included:

  • Dimensions leg: 817 x 510 mm.
  • Total dimension with layer structure: 818 x 1200

Standard heights: 1080 or 2480 mm

Weights: 1080mm ±150kg 2480mm ±165kg

Custom heights are possible! Just ask!
Adjustable in steps according to Litec QX30 trussing with a maximum height of 15m (limited by the chain length)
If necessary we can go even higher by extending the chain length!

Elevator speed / capacity

The speed is similar to the chain hoist that is used to operate the elevator.

Most used: CM Varistar

  • Speeds between 10mm/sec and 500mm/sec
  • Max. capacity of 500kg/leg

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