Why do you want to use the WI-Elevator?

  • Fast assembly / disassembly
  • Adjustable legs for a perfect connection with the scaffolding
  • Mounting compatible with standard scaffolding (e.g. Layher NV)
  • Adjustable heights in steps of 250mm
  • Capacity works on every position
  • Free standing
  • Soft movements
  • Compliance with BGV-C1

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Technical information

Standard measurements seen from the top:

  • external dimensions: 2511 x 3016 mm.
  • platform dimensions: 2036 x 2264 mm.

The height can be adjusted.
The minimum is 1,5 meters, and we recommend a maximum of 3,5 meters. This way stability is guaranteed. Between these limits the height can be changed in steps of 0,250m.

Space is reserved for the load that will be used. There's a loss of ± 40 cm's.

Built-in Height: 1,5m.

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